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Addicted to Food
I love to eat. I love to snack. I love to consume endless beverages. And thus, I am addicted to feeling gross about myself at the end of the day ...

Gotsta be healthier both physically and mentally, damn it.  :-X

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I. Hear. You.

I guess the best I can think of is surround yourself with water and healthier snacks.

I figured you'd understand, since I recall reading the "random facts about me" thing on your facebook about how you loooove food. :-P

Yeah, water and healthier food. I actually think the taste of water gets pretty repulsive over time (I'm weird), but I definitely should drink more just in general. I'm running errands today, so hopefully I'll pick up a couple snacks I won't hate myself at the end of the day for eating. :-) :hugs:

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