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Next Weekend
Not going to lie. I'm a little nervous. Just a little.

Next weekend, I'm going with Steffan to the yearly Hindu weekend thingy/festival. I went last time and it was pretty calm and relaxing ... friendly people and good food.

This will be the first time I'll see Steffan's mom since I sent her that letter, asking her not to shit talk behind my back anymore (I said it much more politely then that, though) and she knows we're back together, which she probably wasn't too happy about.  As far as I know, she hasn't said anything about me, which is good ... but it also seems that I don't exist to her either. Which is fine. I'll take that.

I figure she can't be down right rude to me, since she's surrounded by people she maintains a good persona for. She'll probably just ignore me. Same ol' Same ol'.

I'll be nice and polite. I have no reason not to be. :-)


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