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Audrey Looking Up
Screw that. I'm not remotely in favor of getting/seeing strippers for my bachelorette party, when/if I decide to get married in many, many years.  I'll think of something more creative, fun, and loving ... that way, I can have a fond memory of it ...

(just saying ... ) :-P Okay. I'm done.

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Oh...ahem, just a second...

*shoves strippers back in closet*

:D What brought this up?

lolz. Thanks.

Oh, it was brought up randomly when I was looking through bachelorette photos of someone I knew from high school on facebook. Her party was very cute-sy and it looked more like a "Sweet 16" or something, giving each other makeovers and having the parents tag along for everything. And then my ex randomly called me, ending up telling me how he went to Vegas for a bachelor party for a friend and they went to Strip clubs and almost got hookers, but decided against it (what a shame :-P), etc. etc. etc. And that he "found the woman with the perfect body" in one of the strip joints. So, I was comparing the stereotypical bachelorette/bachelor party ways of celebration, and was kind of weirded out by hearing my ex go on & on about how "well, I can't turn down a lap dance" or "Gotta be one of the guys" or "Yeah, I ignored the ugly strippers though ... thank gawd I found that perfect one. Too bad she lives in Vegas." Yada yada yada.

It was weird. So, I decided I just want to step away from the norm and do something different, just having fun with my friends and whatnot. Steffan & I brought it up for fun with another pal and came up with random, funny ideas/games (not involving strippers). :-P Soooo, yeah. That's all. He he he.

It's not something to think about for another decade or two anyway ... just something random that came up. :-P

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