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I wish I was asleep.
Sleeping - Eternal Sunshine
I have to be at CSULB tomorrow by 8 am ... Bleh. I can't sleep. But, it could be worse.

I messed up my neck/shoulder at Knotts on Monday. I don't think I want to go on the ride, Boomerang, ever again. lol. I hurt myself every time. I knew I felt a snap on one of the sharp turns on the ride ... I get the feeling that's not a good thing, huh? :-P It hurts to move my neck in certain ways, as well as my right shoulder, so it keeps waking me up in the middle of the night. :-/ I took some pain pills, hoping that I'll be able to get back to sleep for at least another hour before waking up. I can handle stomach pains, since I experience them more frequently, but joint/muscle pain isn't something I'm used to ... so it sucks. But, it could be worse.

On a happier note, I had a great evening with Angie and Steffan. Had Italian cuisine with Angie, and then went bar-hopping with her & Steffan later on. Good times. Knotts was fun, overall. I had a lovely time and I'll post some pictures soon. Have something to do everyday till Tuesday ... so I'll try not to get too burnt out. :-P

Now, to try to go back to sleep ...

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I thoroughly enjoyed my evening with you two (as always). Bonus points for having a yucky girl hit on me, haha! ;)

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